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Inspirational Martial Arts Quote Decal for Girls

Inspirational Martial Arts Quote Decal for Girls

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No matter how big, strong, fast, or skilled you are, you will inevitably meet someone that’s a little bit better than you. Persistence is what separates you from the rest. Get inspired to get up whenever you get knocked down with this karate-themed vinyl wall decal.

A silhouette of a strong girl practicing her karate high kick gives way to the hard hitting motivational quote “A white belt may get knocked down, but a black belt will always get back up.” We offer over 30 colors to customize this wall sticker so you can create a thoughtful gift that’s sure to motivate your karate kid for years to come.


  • So easy to apply!
  • Made from high-quality indoor vinyl in a matte finish.
  • Several sizes and over 30 colors to choose from.
  • Die cut means there is no background or clear overlay, so it will look like it was hand painted on to the wall.
  • Comes on one sheet, pre-spaced, pre-aligned and ready to apply.
  • Step by step instructions and a practice decal are included.
  • Removable, single use only.
  • Water based adhesive for easy removal.
  • Ideal for any smooth surface such as glass, mirrors, chalkboards, acrylic, walls, floors.
  • Not for use on textured walls, brick or distressed wood.

For more information on our wall decals, including how to apply them, please refer to our FAQ section.

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This is an original Vinyl Written® Design. Copyright 2018. DO NOT COPY.

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