Personalized Hockey Player Vinyl Wall Decal with Name and Number

Few sports require such a fine balance of grace and brute strength as hockey. Hockey players must float effortlessly over the ice, else they may trip and fall! They must also be able to handle the barrage of men that come their way. This hockey vinyl wall decal is a fun way to incorporate your favorite sport into you room decor.

This custom sign features a hockey player, poised to take down everyone in his way, just beside a custom sign with your name and jersey number. Both the silhouette and the text can be customized in one of our over 30 colors. Begin and end your day with this personalized vinyl wall decal to motivate you and drive you to work harder on the ice.

Please include:

  • Player Name
  • Player Number 
  • Player Color 
  • Name/Number Color

Features of this decal:

  • Choose from several decal sizes or email us to discuss a custom order.
  • Choose from over 30 colors for your font.
  • Made from high-quality indoor vinyl.

If you would like more information about your decor, including how to apply it to your surface, please see our FAQ section.

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