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Make the anniversary celebration unforgettable with this personalized decal that truly commemorates the love shared by the celebrated couple. Create the perfect sign to welcome your guest that symbolizes the journey of their love and the happiness shared with friends and family.

This beautifully designed decal features a formal calligraphy script font that exudes elegance and charm, making it an ideal centerpiece for your anniversary festivities.

But that's not all – the decal also proudly showcases the number of years the couple has been happily married. Be it their 10th, 25th, or 50th anniversary, you can prominently display the significant milestone achieved by the loving pair.

This easy to use decal is affordable, custom made, and is available in a wide color palette so you are sure to find the perfect match to your party decor.

The decal will look like it is hand painted on, in a matte finish so there is no glare, and available in a variety of sizes to fit your surface.  Order now to guarantee availability.

*The first listing photo shows what a BLACK decal will look like on a frosted acrylic surface.


    • So easy to apply!
    • Made from high-quality indoor vinyl in a matte finish.
    • Several sizes and over 30 colors to choose from.
    • Die cut means there is no background or clear overlay, so it will look like it was hand painted on to your surface.
    • Comes on one sheet, pre-spaced, pre-aligned and ready to apply.
    • Step by step instructions and a practice decal are included.
    • Removable, single use only.
    • Water based adhesive for easy removal.
    • Ideal for any smooth surface such as glass, mirrors, chalkboards, acrylic, walls, floors.
    • Not for use on textured walls, brick or distressed wood.

    For more information on our party decals, including how to apply them, please refer to our FAQ section.

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    This is an original Vinyl Written® Design. Copyright 2023. DO NOT COPY.

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